Squirrel Pest control in Fleet

Squirrels causing you trouble in your home in Fleet? Call RIDTEK pest control

Grey Squirrels

The Grey Squirrel is an introduced pest that has been the major cause of the demise of the native Red Squirrel. The Grey Squirrel has out competed the Reds for Habitat and have now become prolific. The Grey Squirrel has become a common visitor in loft spaces in our homes. They will nest comfortably and cause damage inside the loft space. As a typical rodent they will regularly chew/gnaw to keep teeth maintained. Damage to roof timbers, electrical cables and plastic water pipes is common. RIDTEK will provide a trapping service to eliminate the Grey Squirrels from your home and can also advise on proofing to ensure no further entry into the roof space. We will visit your property to agree the plan of action and set traps to eliminate the greys. Our price is fixed so we guarantee to eliminate the squirrels without any further hidden cost to you. Call RIDTEK for squirrel control in Fleet.

RIDTEK Pest Control

RIDTEK is a family owned, independant, professional pest control company staffed by friendly technicians who understand you need help fast.  We guarantee our work so if your not satisfied we will gladly refund your money. Our technicians are level II RSPH certified, friendly and local. 

Squirrels can cause a huge amount of damage inside your loft. Call RIDTEK pest control in Fleet


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