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Mouse Treatment

 Our customers usually contact us when they realise something is going on either in the loft or in the kitchen. Scratching noises in the loft, above the ceiling, or droppings in the kitchen cupboards. 9 times out of 10 this means mice. You can also smell them because they have quite dirty habits. Being incontinent means that they will urinate and leave droppings anywhere. We can help with Mouse Control Fleet . If you need Fleet Pest Control then give us a call to schedule a visit to look at whats going on and investigate all areas of the building to identify if it is mice and what they are up to and start a treatment to get rid

Mouse in the loft. Fleet pest control can help with mice treatment and removal

If you need to get rid, get RIDTEK!

When you call us we will take you through our treatment process. Our price for mice treatment in Fleet is fixed as agreed before coming out. How many visits we make is up to you. When your satisfied that the problem is solved, we are also satisfied. Customer service is our number one priority and we gaurantee our work. Call RIDTEK on  01252 763 344 for Mice Control in Fleet. RIDTEK Pest Control is a family owned professional pest control company and our technicians are level II RSPH certified, friendly and local. 

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