SQUIRREL CONTROL IN fleet, farnham, camberley, farnborough

The Grey Squirrel is a pest that was introduced and has been the major cause of the demise of the native Red Squirrel. The Grey Squirrel has out competed the Reds for Habitat and have now become prolific. The Grey Squirrel has now become a common visitor in loft spaces in our homes, see our video below. They will nest comfortably and cause damage inside the loft space. As a typical rodent they will regularly chew/gnaw to keep teeth maintained. Damage to roof timbers, electrical cables and plastic water pipes is common. They can be extremley determined to get in especially if they have been building a dray inside your loft so call RIDTEK Pest Control Fleet on 01252 76 33 44 now
In this video Squirrels have made a permanent home in a loft that we visited recently. Check it out.
RIDTEK can provide a trapping service to eliminate the Grey Squirrels from your home. We will also advise on proofing to ensure no further entry into the roof space. We will visit your property to quote and agree the plan of action. Our price is fixed so we guarantee to eliminate the squirrels without any further hidden cost to you.


If you need to get rid, get RIDTEK.