What does a Bed Bug look like?

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Well bed bugs can be very small when they hatch, about 1mm. They hatch from eggs and as they grow they shed their skin. This is called molting. Each time the bug molts it gets bigger. These are called Nymph stages. So a newly hatched bed bug is a stage 1 Nymph. This cycle will continue through to 5th stage Nymph before it becomes an Adult. The Adult then lays eggs and the cycle repeats itself.

An Adult bed bug can be 5-6mm long. They are actually transparent unless they have had a blood meal, then they are dark brown or red. The time it takes from Egg to Adult is largely dependant on available food supply and temperature.

The warmer it is the better for Bed Bugs.

There are a few challenges with Bed Bugs. Firstly a large percentage of people do not show bites. This means that 2 people in a bed, one is not showing while the other is. This can obviously cause confusion and doubt as to what is happening. The second issue is their habit of hiding. Being very small, they are able to hide inside just about anything. The bed itself, side tables, books, the clock, electrical sockets etc.. anywhere.

The most obvious sign is if you see one. Check out our video for some identification tips.

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In this video we look at a bed bug infestation that has been active for at least 6 months


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