Squirrels in the loft??  Call 01252 76 33 44 now.

Seeing Squirrels in the garden is great, our customers often tell us that they even feed them and love to watch them frolicking in the trees, garden and on fences.

But when they gain access to the loft, its a whole different ball game. Squirrels that have moved in can cause many problems. Anything from sleepless nights to serious damage and even fire through damaged electrical circuits. Catch and release is not an option as Grey Squirrels are regarded as vermin and it is illegal to release live Squirrels into the environment.

On arrival to your home or business we will inspect the loft to check what is going on and where. We will confirm that you have Squirrels. We set traps and arrange for follow up visits to collect trapped Squirrels.


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