Bed bugs treatment 

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Bed bugs seem to be the most despised of all insect pests due to their creepy nature of parasitic blood feeding, on us in our beds. If you suspect you have bed bugs then you know what we mean. They do make your skin crawl and the bites are terribley itchy. Unbeleivably a large percentage of the population don't show bites even if they are being bitten. We have seen beds infected bed bugswith bed bugs, that are feeding on the host nightly. Unfortunatley due to the fact bed bug bites don't react on this person, this can go on endlessly. It can be when another person in the house is bitten, as the bed bugs migrate to other rooms, that the beb bug problem begins to show itself.


Bed Bugs are the ultimate travelers. Hitchiking is their preferred method. They will hitch a ride in suitcases, on shoes, in work wear etc.. If you have visited a location that has a bed bug population there is a chance you may bring them home with you. Having beb bugs in your home is by no means an indication that your home is dirty. Bed bugs are very happy in a clean home.




Firstly, give RIDTEK a call on 01252 76 33 44 We will arrange a time to visit your residence to survey and give advice on how best to control this horrible pest. We don't charge for the initial call out. We will dicuss a management program with you and what preperation you may need to do. We will quote you a price and get to work a.s.a.p.

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